• A good study method and consistency in studies are the main key areas which yield success in the exam. If you start it from Std. 8th, it will become your habit and automatically you will score more than your expectation in Std. 10th and 12th Board Exams and Entrance Exams.
  • Planning of Full year's study programme is given at the beginning of the year.
  • Detailed Notes and other required study material prepared by well experienced faculties, for all subjects is provided without charging separate fees. You need not buy any material other than Text Books from the market.
  • All kinds of difficulties of students would be solved through personal guidance or on the phone.
  • Our study methods maintain the balance between Reading, Writing and Learning processes.
  • Sincere, well planned and well organized study improves the handwriting, language skills and increases memory power.
  • Well experienced and highly qualified Teachers set the papers as per revised SSC Board Pattern and assess them with appropriate remarks which results in minimization of mistakes
  • Full marks Topic wise Monthly Unit Tests and Exams based on the Full syllabus of that Semester for all the subjects are conducted.
  • For any study technique or psychological problems which affects on studies, we provide free guidance or counselling to our students and parents.

Study Pattern of Vidyashree Test Series and its benefits

A good study method and consistency in study are the real keys which yield success in the exam. And it should start from Std. 8th itself. But we hardly give any importance to marks and studies in Std 8th and 9th. But when we enter Std 10th, we realize that we should get good marks and we should study hard. But if the foundation is not strong from Std. 8th itself then how can one achieve everything in 10th itself? Most of the students and parents understand its importance, but most of the times it is in vain. Therefore, we have introduced a new concept called "VIDYASHREE TEST SERIES" for the students from all over Maharashtra for many years which stresses on self study.

Every student studies hard for the whole year following his own study method. But still there is always a fear and tension in the mind of the student regarding whether I will recollect everything which I have learned during the year or in spite of good studies, I will score good marks or not. So what should one do? Which study method should one follow for the whole year? How many papers to solve and how to solve? By whom should those be assessed? Should the study be done orally or in writing? etc. is the various questions that crop up in the minds of the students and parents. All these questions have only one answer "VIDYASHREE TEST SERIES."

"VIDYASHREE TEST SERIES" gives monthly planning of whole syllabus of all the subjects to the students. If one studies according to the planning from June itself, then one would complete his syllabus in time. Self study makes one prepare his studies more perfectly than he does through a good teaching in school or class. For this purpose through" VIDYASHREE TEST SERIES" one gets question papers of all subjects according to the given monthly planning. The students should first do self study of the given chapters and then study the question papers orally. Then solve the papers according to the method and the presentation technique as instructed by us without referring to the notes. These answer papers will be assessed by the experienced teachers in Pune. The mistakes would be highlighted and brought to the notice of the students. Remarks for the improvement of the presentation would be passed. Along with them, printed model answers would be provided. This would help the students to find out the points they have missed, the steps in which they went wrong which would further lead to flawless answers. For Std 10th and 12th, six tests (one test per month) are conducted in between June to November which are based on unit wise syllabus. Similarly from December to February there would be three or five question paper based on full syllabus of all the subjects according to the board pattern and given weightage. The answer papers will be assessed and sent back along with the model answers.

For Std. 9th the whole syllabus is divided into two semesters each semester would consist of three unit test and one terminal exam of full marks.